Beston Rubber Pyrolysis Oil Plant in Korea

Last September, Beston had a rubber oil plant installed in Korea successfully. It is a semi-continuous pyrolysis plant, which can process 15 to 20 tons of raw materials. In fact, this is the second waste pyrolysis machine to Korea from Beston Machinery. The first one is used to process plastic waste, which was installed in 2017. Here are some pictures of the installation sites.

Shipping to Korea
Under Construction in Korea
Rubber Oil Plant in Korea
Rubber Oil Plant in Korea
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea

Now the rubber pyrolysis plant is put into use. In addition to waste rubber, it can also process waste tyre and oil sludge, etc. And we have 4 models of waste pyrolysis machines for sale, namely BLJ-6, BLJ-10, BLJ-16 and BLL-20, which can dispose of 6 to 24 tons of raw materials. Moreover, we also supply full service for old and new customers, such as product update, technical training, regular check and maintenance, etc. Anyway, Beston will be the best choice for your waste recycling business. Welcome to contact us!

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