Waste Sorting Plant

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Waste Pyrolysis Plant

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Charcoal Making Machine

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Egg Tray Machine

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Meet You in IFAT Africa 2019
Beston Team will attend IFAT Africa 2019 with professional waste recycling products and service. We are looking forward to meeting you from July 9 to 11, 2019 in Johannesburg.
IFAT Africa is a leading trade fair for water, sewage, refuse, recycling and energy conservation. It offers a great network for businesses cooperating in advanced environmental machines and solutions. Beston, an expert waste recycling machine supplier, will participate in the exhibition with innovative technologies and solutions, as well as a full range of waste recycling products. We will see you in July at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. Welcome to contact us to make an appointment!

Who We are

We are the Beston Group, a team aims to engineer for tomorrow’s world with the best solution from sorting to further processing.

Beston Group is a leading manufacturer of waste recycling plant in China. From 2013, we decided to combine our experience and technology to design and supply top-quality recycling equipment to mitigate waste problems across the globe. Produced to the highest standards, our products, including MSW sorting plant, waste pyrolysis plant, charcoal making machine and paper egg tray making machine, are widely applied and trusted around the world, such as South Africa, the Philippines, the UK, Indonesia, Canada, Dominica, Korea, Romania, etc.


Waste Recycling Challenge in South Africa

According to the report from Statistics South Africa, 90% of 59 million tonnes of general waste ended up in landfills, while only 10% was recycled. And the current waste economy is estimated to be worth R15 billion and provides 29,833 people with employment. The rapid growth in solid waste and the shortage of disposal sites means that South Africa is running out of space for waste disposal. Obviously, waste recycling in South Africa is extremely urgent.

Waste Recycling Business Opportunity in South Africa

While the waste recycling business opportunities lie in sorting, processing and treatment of waste. Based on the waste industry’s landscape, there is much potential in recycling paper, organic wastes, plastic and old tires. Except for large-scale investors, there are also many possible opportunities for smaller entrepreneurs. Moreover, more and more legislation has been passed to support waste recycling business in South Africa. That’s to say, waste recycling business in South Africa is also very promising and profitable.

How to Start A Recycling Business in South Africa?

Good recycling business plan will bring you great profits. All you need to know is to contact Beston Group for a customized waste recycling solution. Here are what we can do.

1.Consulting & Advisory Services

2.Quality & Various Waste Recycling Equipment

3.Layout Design of Waste Processing Plant

4.Professional Installation & Maintenance Service

5.Product Updating Service

6.Targeting Strategy for South Africa

Advantages of Beston Waste Recycling Plant

1.Complete Waste Recycling System from Sorting to Processing

2.Various Waste Processing Equipment for Different Raw Materials

3.CE Certified Waste Recycling Technology

4.Higher Recycling Rate & Quality End Products

5.Fair Waste Recycling Plant Cost

6.Safe & Eco-friendly Design

7.Professional Multilingual Team

Successful Cases Worldwide

We have developed several ways for waste recycling, including waste sorting plant, waste pyrolysis plant for scrap plastic and rubber tyres, charcoal making machine and paper egg tray manufacturing line. Each of them can effectively convert waste to wealth and also alleviates the waste problem. So far, we have successfully installed our waste processing plants in many areas around the world and also have gained a great reputation. Here are some cases for your reference. You can also check Beston Youtube Channel for more waste recycling plant videos.

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